What Happens When Uthampam Kheer Takes A Dig At Meetha Paan Singh Tomar..!!

Taking a spoof at Anupam Kher’s famous show on the telly, Hyderabad’s funny man Abhijeet has come up with this hilarious as hell show which is quite ominously called The Uthapam Kheer show. The recently launched video shows him calling up India’s foremost celebrity and the official talent export icon of India, Irrfan Khan ( though not by himself but his likening played to the beat by Mayank Parekh ). What follows are ingeniously crafted questions which never stop cracking us even for a second. Wait till you watch how ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ ending up in a rather frustrated shape all together, resorts to violent streaks and a super natural ending to the show..

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