What If… Bigg Boss 4 Housemates Answer Engineering Viva Questions


Engineering VIVA appudu manam cheppina thikka answers anni inni kaadu, baboy akkada okkati adigithe manam inka yedho cheptam…Aa rojullo ala undevi mana arachakalu…

Just for fun mana Big Boss housemates VIVA ki answers isthe ela untundi antaru?

So, why late chuddam padandi…

P.s: Just Saradha 😁

1) Monal

1Q: What is an algorithm?

A: Algorithm is the approach or method that I use to cry whenever I want

2) Harika

2Q: Define Decibel?

A: The intensity of my voice…

3) Akhil

3Q: Define acceleration.

A: The rate at which i mix ‘Tiger Rice’ with Monal is known as acceleration.

4) Abhijeet

4Q: Difference b/w Potential Energy & Kinetic Energy?

A: Basicallly, Potential Energy is me and myself and kinetic energy is rest of the housemates

5) Avinash

5Q: What is the full form of LCD?

A: The full form of LCD is Love-Comedy -Drama. Without these three I can’t exist in Big Boss House

6) Sohel

6Q: Define Noise?

A: It’s me sir…Actual ga Katha Vere Untadi, but housemates say ‘Noise Is Sohel, Sohel Is Noise Sir’

7) Lasya

7Q: Define Inertia?

A: It is defined as the tendency to stay in kitchen all day and prepare delicious food

8) Ariyana

8Q: What is an array?

A: The arrangement of doing every task and following every rule of Bigg Boss in a particular order is known as Ariyana, I mean Array…