What if our parents active on social media?


Normal ga manam youngsters social media addicts ani vintuntam, but epudamma alochinchara how it will be if our parents are super active on social media? Mamuluga ledu kada? E Facebook posts, likes, comments and Instagram photos ivanni mana parents chestey ela untadi​? O look eseyandi itu meke telustadi.

1. Continuous Stalking1.-Continuous-StalkingMana Facebook lo evarevaru unaru evaru comments and likes chestunaru ani vala profiles stalk chesi manalni adugutaru.

2. They share our weird photos2.-They-share-our-weird-photosMana childhood lo manaku nachinavi konni photos untai. Our parents will share them on social media and manalni tag chestaru. Most embarrassing moment kada?

3. They will get to know where we are going and what we are doing3.-They-will-get-to-know-where-we-are-going-and-what-we-are-doingManam ekadikeltunam, em chestunam, evarto unnam anni up to date information atu vellipotundi. Huff! Too dangerous.

4. They will do funny comments on all our dps4.-They-will-do-funny-comments-on-all-our-dpsIdi matram hilarious andi. Mana intlo laga mana FB dps lo chudu entha chikkipoyavo, anduke tinamanedi. ilanti comments ni imagine cheskondi okasari.

5. They ask us to stay in contact with relatives5.-They-ask-us-to-stay-in-contact-with-relativesIt is true that some don’t like to stay in contact with relatives on social media platforms. Vallu unaru FB lo vellu unaru FB lo ani abbo a discussions asalu next level annamata.

6. They share photos on Instagram before us6.-They-share-photos-on-InstagramFrom food to travel photographs vallu manakante mundu photos petesi tag chesestaru.

7. Full of restrictions7.-Full-of-restrictionsShorts, skirts to unna photos kuda manam petalem asalu. Pettama chachame.