What If People Were Food? What Food Would They Be

Relatives = Pickle

Just like pickle, They Spice things up

Untitled design (37)

Sister = Chocolate

Sweet like Chocolates

Untitled design (39)

Father = Vegetables and Meat

Gives you power and strength

Untitled design (40)
Mother = Dairy 

Mothers love is pure and sacred

Untitled design (41)

Brother = Omelette

Easy to make and gives you strength
Untitled design (43)

Cousins = Pani Puri

Full of flavor and they generally come in numbers

Untitled design (38)

Grandparents = Sweets

Sweet and Lovable

Untitled design (44)

Kids = Candies

Little and innocent and everybody loves them.

Untitled design (45)

Teenagers = Maggi

Quick and easy to make, just like Maggi, Teenage days end quickly.

Untitled design (46)Husband = Curd Rice

A Calming influence
Untitled design (47)Wife = Sambar

Hot and Spicy

Untitled design (37)

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