What if Quantico was made in telugu


Priyanka chopra has made her debut in international acting with this worldwide succeful serial, Quantico. Ide serial ni manam telugu lo chesthe evaraithe bauntadi??? Ee question ki answer ni koncham funny ga showcase chesam. We tried our guesses. Let us know your picks.

1. Priyanka Chopra-Raashi Khanna1-priyanka-chopra-raashi-khannaFor a fun filled role of a cop in the movie Supreme, I had to pick her.

2. Ryan Booth–Mahesh Babu2-ryan-booth-mahesh-babuHe being a very mysterious person and also an interesting one, I had to make this pick keeping in mind of Mahesh Babu in Athadu.

3. Liam O’Connor-Sai Kumar3-liam-oconnor-sai-kumarA man appears protagonist but turns to be the villain. Who else can suit better? Watch Prasthanam to know the reason.

4. Miranda Shaw-Sarita4-miranda-shaw-saritaDo not ask why but a fairy good charactered lady turned out to be the bug in the game reminded me of her negative shaded movies.

5. Caleb-Parvateesam5-caleb-parvateesamThis is for a funny touch for they both face the same issue with girls and trust .

6. Shelby-Tapsee6-shelby-tapseeFor a dare devil role in the play, she seemed well suited.

7. Simon Asher-Sudeep7-simon-asher-sudeepFor the look Simon carries throughout the movie, I felt him most suitable

This is what ran into our minds. Comment us your picks to make it more interesting.