What If These Popular Indian Web Series Titles Are Twisted With Tollywood Movie Posters


Title and thumbnail meedha pic chusi oka clarity vacchesi untadhi ee article dwara em cheppali anukuntanumo. Simple some popular web series ni mana tollywood movie posters tho compare chesthe ela untadhi ane imagination…?

Mari aa imaganination ela untadhi ante kindhaki scroll cheyalsindhe…!

1. The Family Man – Drushyam

1 The Family Man2. Lust Stories – Guntur Talkies

2 Lust Stories3. The Forgotten Army – Kanche

3 The Foregettenarmy4. The Pitchers – Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

4 Pitchers5. Sacred Games – Ayyare

5 Scared Games6. MOM – Antariksham

6 Mom7. Jamatra – Gang

7 Jamtar 18. Selection Day – Jersey

8 Selection Day 1