9 Things That Makes Samantha ‘Yetha Sakkagunnave’ In Real Life!

To the Tollywood film industry, many heroines come and go, but only few leave their marks and gain a special place in the hearts of people! Samantha Akkineni is one such star. She truly deserves the tag ‘Yetha Sakkagunnave’! not only looks wise, her heart and mind is also so beautiful. Following are some instances which agrees with the above statement.

1.Skin color is not a bar to make it to big screensamanthaGeneral conception is that only fair skinned actresses can only make it into Tollywood. But Samantha proved it to be a misconception with her acting skills. When one has talent other factors are secondary.

2.Getting married does not halt careersamanthaMany top heroines of Tollywood bid farewell to films once they got married. But Sam has rewritten that legacy! Her choices of films even got better after marriage. She is taking up diversifying roles.

3.She started an NGO, which she never boasts aboutsamanthaSam started her own NGO, Pratyusha support in 2012 to provide medical help to women and children. She donates her earnings from endorsements, product launches and inauguration events to support the foundation.

4.She fought with her medical problemssamanthaSamantha was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013. With great determination she overcame it. She also suffered with skin disease in mid 2012, due to which she lost two big budget movies, Mani Ratnam’s Kadal and Shankar’s ‘I’. She did not allow her medical conditions to affect her future, she bravely fought with them and bounced back to good health.

5.Being Trendy, Yet valuing TraditionsReal Life Samantha5Samantha is very well known for her up to date fashion sense. At the same time she upholds Indian traditional attire Saree. She never misses a chance to drape a saree made it her style statement. She dresses up according to the occasions and respects traditions.

6.Taking bold decisions for the art formReal Life Samantha6Many were awe-struck when they watched the lip-lock of Sam in Rangasthalam. If not for her, no one would have done it so boldly! She didn’t worry about how people will take it as she is now married. Because the scene demanded it and when an action is done sincerely to elevate the emotion of the scene and not for commercial purpose, it will reach the audience correctly and they also won’t take it otherwise. She beautifully portrayed the character of Ramalakshmi even though it’s a deglam role.

7.Dealing with flopssamanthaHer flops in her film career made her further selection of movies even better. She evaluated her flops well and took proper steps to not to repeat them again. She started doing a vivid variety of roles which are challenging and had added weight to her character.

8.Loves her fans and never disappoints themsamanthaWe all know that Sam is very active is social media and constantly shares her life updates with her fans. Even in public appearances she patiently deals with the crowd with a smile without losing her temper.

9.A wedding that was truly a celebration, not a show-offsamantha
Being a successful actress and being wedded into a big-shot family, Sam and Chai could have planned a extravagant and showy wedding. Instead they opted for a wedding with close knit family and friends with out much pomp and show. It clearly shows their mind set and their idea of a perfect wedding!

Now, don’t you think she is ‘Yetha Sakkagunnave’ as a whole! Looks, mind and heart wise.

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