What was Diwali for all of us in childhood?


1. Diwali was our favorite festival in all our Language exams’ essay writing.

2. Diwali was a religious tale we definitely know by heart.

3. After having around 10-12 days of holidays during Dussehra, Diwali was our only hope of another bunch of holidays.

4. We get a chance to do a lot of shopping on the name of diwali.

5. Ammamma house of our trademark destination for diwali.

6. Crackers are all we dream about even 15 days before Diwali.

7. We save rockets and a few bottles for lighting those rockets.

8. Super delicacies at our houses. Penilu is one famous sweet in the town.

9. Family motham oka frame lo kanpinchine time is this festival.

10. After diwali we miss a lot of things but also put on 2-3 kgs definitely because of too much sweets eating 😛

11. Deepalu painting happens in schools.

12. Decorating our classrooms in schools the last day before holidays.

13. Going behind dads and putting up lights mana inti mundu.

14. Deepalu are all over the colony.

15. TV lo kottha movies are there the whole day.

Diwali is everyone’s favorite. From Adults to kids, this is the most awaited festival.
But it is time to start educating everyone around to not pollute the air anymore. Let’s start campaigning “Burst your ego this Diwali, not crackers”