Things Which Happen When You Have An Elder Sister…And A Younger Sister As Well..!

Yes it’s terrible! Being stuck in the middle of two siblings can be very irritating. These are just some of the things that happen when you are the middle one.

New rules
d1Looking at the way the elder sibling reacts, the rules are changed for the younger sibling, and if your elder sister/brother is mischievous you’ve had it! Curfews and begging for permissions is a regular thing.

Being bossed over and bossing over
d2You are bossed over by the elder sibling and of course, when you have a chance to boss over the younger one, you wouldn’t leave it right! Of course the youngest sibling doesn’t listen quietly, so fights are a constant thing!

Remote fights
giphyIf there are just two people to share the remote, it’s a difficult task to manage TV schedules. Imagine catering to the demands of three people! Fighting like cats and dogs, just for the remote, trying to set schedules to satisfy everyone is very difficult.

Number of photographs
d 4The eldest sibling has tons of photographs, in every pose possible. When you move to the middle monkey there is a lesser number of photos coz the parents probably get bored. Imagine the amount of photographs the youngest sibling would have! Wouldn’t want to have that life!

Sandwiched between them
d5There will come this point when both your siblings will argue and you will be asked to choose. That is going to be Dharamsankat time! Choose the younger one and the elder one starts blackmailing! Choose the elder one and the younger one gives you puppy dog eyes! You’re doomed anyway!

Borrowing things
d6So if you want to borrow your siblings stuff, it’s not allowed; but if the elder sibling wants to take your stuff, she/he has a right to do that without even asking you! And well, the younger one gets all your stuff, coz dude, how much longer can you use them right!

The best part
d7The best part of being a middle monkey is that you have these two people who will absolutely love you forever. You have the elder one who will guide you and solve all your problems and you have the younger one who is the fun person of your trio, so you can go through your life with them being there with you constantly, supporting you through everything.

Though being the middle sibling is irritating, it’s also fun. You get to try different things with both the siblings, with one you can attend all parties and with the other, you remember all the fun times you had when you were of that age by doing silly things like playing board games! That sounds like an amazing life, doesn’t it!


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