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WhatsApp Payments : 5 Missing Features


1.Can’t send money to all in groups:
You can only send and receive money from a single person at a time. You cannot send money to several users in a group.

2.Can’t transfer to e wallets:
Except for your bank accounts, this feature doesn’t let you transfer money to any other platform. It’ll be impossible to transfer money you’ve received on any other wallet, Eg: Paytm.

3.Can’t buy products:
You will not be able to buy stuff using this feature. It is strictly for sending and receiving money. WhatsApp doesn’t have a digital wallet of it’s own.

4.Can’t send money to someone with an older WhatsApp version:
Both the parties need to have the same version of the app in order to transfer money.

5.Can’t send money unless the other person has activated the feature:
Only updating the app doesn’t solve the purpose. In order to transfer money the feature must be activated as well. The payment option will appear when someone with the feature texts you. You can then link your account to get started.