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And When Our Ministers Blurted Out Insensitive Comments On Women..!!

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By Tripada Bharati 

We, the people of India, are used to insane, insensitive, sexist, and illogical and sometimes, totally hogwash comments by our ministers whom we democratically choose in the mega festival of democratic elections. But in this age of social media, they just cannot get away with it unscathed. They pay the price by getting trolled on twitter, by being laughter stock in several memes circulated across social media, and their videos going viral, of course, put a dent to their otherwise clean image as reflected in the widely used white kurta they wear. Here are three recent comments by our ministers/ Parliamentarians which caused outrage and fury across social media.

  • The most recent one is the insensitive, sexist attitude of Tamil Nadu Sports minister, Dr. S Sunderraj, when he questioned women athletes whether they had enough banyans (vests), during an inspection. He also humiliated one athlete by asking if she had brought any medals for the state. On hearing NO as an answer he said, “Why are we feeding her if she is not bringing any medal”!?

  • Not so long ago, we had one BJP’s MLA, Gyandev Ahuja, counting the number of used condoms in India’s one of the most reputed universities, JNU. He didn’t stop short of giving exact numbers of used beedis, butts of cigarettes, liquor bottles, beer cans and most importantly, abortion injections and used condoms. We could not help envying him for his sound mathematical- statistical ability.

  • Another insensitive rather callous comment came from another BJP’s Parliamentarian, Gopal Shetty, who dubbed farmer suicides as fashion trend, causing much outrage in his own drought-hit home state, Maharashtra.


  • And just hours earlier, we saw an other atrocious and rather saddening sexist and vulgar statement by Andhra MLA and Tollywood Superstar Balakrishna. While attending an Audio release function of a regional film, he got into making a statement which stated that his fandom would only watch his movies ” If he kissed and impregnated his leading ladies “. There is no way he meant it in a humorous way. Sadly, it was rather said in a poor taste.

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