When your parents are on Social media


Is your mom on any social networking site? Yes? Ayithe meeru ee vanni points ki kacchitanga relate ayithaaru.

Good morning quotes on Whatsappsocial mediaEveryday morning levagane padhi god morning quotes unna pictures undadham compulsory. Asalu mana parents ki inni quotes ela dorukutayo emo!
Sharing your childhood picturessocial mediaIf your mom is on Facebook or Whatsapp, compulsory ga at some point thana DP, mee childhood picture untundhi. Ledha mee childhood pictures petti “my cute son”, ledha “my cute daughter” ani caption untundhi.
Posting the same picture a million timessocial mediaOka saari DP “upload” ani nokkute upload ayipothadhi ayyipothadhi ani mummy’s ki ardham kaadhu. Repeatedly adhe picture oka 10 times upload chestaru.
Commenting on all your picturessocial media“My beautiful kid”, “choooo beautiful”, “sweet pic” ani compulsory mana anni photos lo mummy comments untaayi, let the picture be chaaalaaa old.
Take all quizzessocial mediaAsalu mummy’s di wall chuste fullquizzes eh untayi, right from “What is my lucky colour” to “When will be doomsday” varaku.
Add all your friendssocial mediaMeeandharu friends compulsory ga “Arre your mom/dad sent me a friend request” ani ane untaaru.
Don’t understand between sending a pm and posting on your wallsocial media
How many times did your parents post on you wall thinking that it was the personal message tab? Chala saarli kadha!?