Who founded Book My Show? What is its success story?


Okappudu movie ticket kavalantey, manam theaters degara long queue’s lo nilabadalsochedi. But ipudu Book My Show app valla on the spot tickets oka app dwara book cheskogalugutunam. So, e app ni launch chesindi evaru and deni back story ento ipudu telusukundam.

1. It was launched in 1999, as a software re-seller for movie theater Bookmyshow pivoted its model as cloud-based events, movies, sports and plays booking platform. India lone idi biggest entertainment ticketing website. Idi four countries lo operate chestuntunaru and more than 16 million customers use chestunaru.1 Success Story Of Book My Show

2. BookMyShow was founded by Ashish Hemrajani. He was born in July 1975. Ashish MBA complete chesina tarvata J. Walter Thompson, ane oka advertising firm tho work chesadu. Tanu MBA chesaka, work chestunapudu, he went to South Africa to enjoy his holidays. During the trip, he was sitting under a tree listening to radio selling rugby tickets (Newton reincarnated).2 Success Story Of Book My Show

3. At that time, he got this idea and he was back to Capetown, he decided to quit his job and start his company. It was of course not easy to start in 1999 as it is now. When he was 24, he launched this venture and within few days, his friend Parikshit Dar joined him heading towards Technology and another co-founder Rajesh Balpande took over finance sector in Bookmyshow. Since then, they are called three musketeers.3 Success Story Of Book My Show

4. Ipudante online payment chala easy undedi, but appudu because of poor broadband connectivity, asalu anta easy ga ayyedi kadu. Apattlo with 12 call-centers in 12 cities, they were doing a good business and accounted for 150 employees.The Dot Com industry was booming as well. In 2002, the Dot Com market got busted and everyone in the industry, big or small faced the heat. It was even worse for the ones who were new and one of them was our BigTree Entertainment their business went down to an all-time low.4 Success Story Of Book My Show

5. Within a decade, it has got 70% of market share and its headquarters is in Mumbai. Movies tho paatu, it started selling off tickets for events across the country. Overall event ticketing market is about 1000 crore per year in terms of ticket sales. The non-movies market is about 1500 crore which is covers events and sports.5 Success Story Of Book My Show