Who Is Agent Tina In Vikram? Here’s The Complete Story Of Vasanthi

One of the most surprising & electrifying moments in Vikram was the revelation about Agent Tina’s character. The whole theater interrupted into whistles and claps when Agent Tina started smashing the goons. This is mental mass vere level stuff from Loki.

From the day I watched Vikram, Agent Tina hasn’t left my mind. I keep on recalling her fight scene in my mind. Not only me, anybody who watched Vikram will understand what I am talking about?

So who is Agent Tina? Today, we present you the real life Agent Tina aka Vasanthi

1. Agent Tina’s real name is Vasanthi. Born and brought up in Chennai, she hails from a humble background.

2. Vasanthi is a dancer by profession, started her career as a group dancer in Tamil films then later with hard work and passion she became an assistant dance choreographer. She has been in the industry since 1992 and in this 30-year journey, she has worked with multiple dance choreographers. Currently, she is a part of dance choreographer Dinesh Master’s team.

3. She taught dance to many actresses like Nayanthara, Trisha, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Samantha, Katrina Kaif during their initial days. Not only this, she has worked with Vijay in Bhagwati, Master and Bhairava & Ajith’s Valimai.

4. Vasanthi worked as an assistant for a song(Vaathi Coming) in Vijay’s Master. Lokesh Kanagaraj watched her and liked her off-screen attitude and decided to cast her in Vikram.

5. Vasanthi about how she got the opportunity to act in Vikram, “I met Lokesh sir during the shoot of Master. Dinesh Master was the dance choreographer (Vaathi Coming). Lokesh sir called Dinesh Master to ask if I would be ready to act in Vikram, telling him that he has a character for me. Dinesh Master passed the information to me and I went to auditions and cleared it”.

6. Vasanthi about the response for her character Agent Tina, “I have been receiving non-stop calls from the first show of Vikram , I don’t know what to say, the response has been great, to act in Legend Kamal sir’s film is a dream come true moment for me.”

7. About her vere level mass action scene in Vikram, she said, “I shot for the film for a total of 16 days and we shot my fight sequence for 5 to 6 days. Anbariv masters took good care of me and taught me the nuances while performing the stunts. They would never settle down for something ordinary. They make sure that the output is perfect. Director Lokesh also won’t be convinced until he gets the right shot that he wanted.”

In a movie starring stalwarts like Kamal Haasan, Fahad Faasil, Vijay Sethupathi, & Suriya, Agent Tina has scored a century in the film with her electrifying action sequence. Agent Tina, you’re semma mass.

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