Who Is Komaram Bheem? The Real Story Of Gond Rebel Who Fought The Nizams

Komaram Bheem – RRR movie dwara Alluri Sitarama Raju & Komaram Bheem la meedha Rajamouli movie announce chesaka Assalu evaru ee Komaram Bheem ane question start aindi. Alluri Sitarama Raju gurinchi manam school lo books dwara telusu and that too movies lo kuda chusamu..kani Komaram Bheem gurinchi anthaga mana evariki teliyadu.

Aithe RRR taruvatha Komaram Bheem evaru? Freedom Fighter ha leka? Britishers ki against ga fight chesada? Leka Nizam’s ki against Chesthe enduku mana school books lo ekkada cheppaledu? Ilanti anni questions ki answer ki…

Who Is Komaram Bheem? The Real Story Of Gond Rebel AKA ‘Komaram Bheem’ Who Fought Against Nizam’s

1. Who Is Komaram Bheem? Whom did he fight against? Britishers or Nizams of Hyderabad?

2. Komaram Bheem was born in Sankepalli, near Adilabad to a family in the Gondi tribal community.

3. Bheem is generally considered to have been born on 22 October 1901, although some consider it to be in 1900.

3. Coming from a tribal family, Bheem used to spend most of his childhood days in forests isolated from the rest of the world with no formal education.

4. In 1920 along with other Gondi communities, Bheem moved to Sardapur near Karimnagar after his father’s death and spent 20 years of tribal life in forests.

5. The Gonds who migrated to Sardarpur used to work on barren lands of Nizam’s, Zamindars, and Patel’s, and Gonds are being treated as slaves.

6 The rebel in Bheem was born hereafter Gond people were used to being exploited, beaten by Nizam’s zamindars, businessmen, and also extorted by the forest police too.

7. This made Komaram Bheem revolt against the Nizam rule. In 1920, Bheem Killed an officer named Siddique Sahab who was sent by Nizam’s to seize the crops harvested by Gond’s.

8. After killing a Nizam officer, Bheem ran barefoot to the city of Chanda with his friend named Kondal. Bheem started working for Vitoba, a publisher in Chanda, where he also learned how to speak and read English, Hindi, Urdu.

9. Bheem took the train from Mancherial Railway Station and ran away to Assam after Vitoba’s arrest. Bheem worked in tea plantations in Assam for 4 years and returned to Balharshah in the Nizamate of Maharashtra.

10. In 1926, Bheem married a woman named Som Bai and settled down with a piece of cultivating the land. During the time of harvest, he was again approached by forest officials who threatened him to leave arguing that the land belonged to the state.

11. Later Bheem approached Nizam to settle the matter peacefully, but he couldn’t. He then decided to start an armed revolution against Nizams and those who are exploiting Gond and other Adivasi.

12. Bheem formed associations with the banned Communist Party of India and started mobilizing the Adivasi population of Ankushapur, Bhabejhari, Bhimangundi, Chalbaridi, Jodeghat, Kallegaon, Koshaguda, Linepatter, Narsapur, Patnapur, Shivaguda, and Tokennavada.

13. The council concluded forming a standing guerilla army to protect their lands. Bheem also proposed the separate Gond Kingdom in the Hyderabad State.

14. Bheem rejected the peace talks with Nizam and demanded regional autonomy for the Gonds, eviction of the forest officials and zamindars, and the release of all Gond prisoners in the penal system with Hyderabad state.

15. The demands were rejected by Nizam’s and Bheem continued his fight against Nizams. Between 1928 and 1939 Bheem led a guerilla army, coined the slogan Jal, Jangal, Zameen against Nizam’s, and killed many forest officials, officers, Zamindars.

16. After relentless fighting against Nizam, Bheem and his 12 followers died in the firing by Nizam’s Army On October 27, 1940, which was the day of Aswiyuja Pournami. However, Adivasis consider the Aswiyujna Pournami as the death anniversary of Bheem and observe it every year.

17. Bheem was just 39 years old when he died and his legacy offighting for Adavasi’s is never told in any school books and was largely ignored in the mainstream by our historians, media, and others.

18. All thanks to SS Rajamouli for bringing up such a legacy rebellion story to us with the RRR movie.

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