Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than Hotstar and Netflix


Amazon Prime Video, HotStar and Netflix erojullo evi teliyani vallu undaru and life chala digital ga change ayyindi so things going on move, ee Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps tho manaki istam ayna Webseries, Movies, TV Shows and Sports ekkadunna manam ee Apps tho anni cover chestunnam.

So evvala nenu cheppedi enti ante ee Apps annintiki Monthly subscriptions untai because konni Webseries, Sports and TV shows free ga steam avvav Premium ani board vesi Monthly packs pedtaru aythe ee Subscriptions em takkuva undav oka range lo untunnai, monthly data balance veskuntu malli ee Apps ki pay chese vallu chalamandi unnaru, ante free ga unna shows chuse vallu konthamandi unnaru but ala anni shows chusedaniki ledu like Game of Thrones konni Webseries premium paid users ke stream avtai.

Na view lo antha petti Subscribe cheskovalsina avaram aythe ledu incase if we have huge facilities and long time period unte cheskovachu

You Can buy Amazon Prime Subscription
Amazon Prime Plan choose cheskodam chala better compare chesi chuste Netflix and Hotstar kanna chala Better and way there are many possibilities through Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Charge 499/- Matrame and that too 1 Year Plan and with this Amazon Prime meru Amazon lo elanti Order ayna 1-2 Days lo Delivery pettukovachu and inka minimum purchase em undadu even if you but an item costs 1 Rupee also they will deliver free of cost and Cash on Delivery kuda untundi and inka 1-2 Pakka Assured Delivery untundi1 Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than

Actual ga aythe amazon lo minimum purchase for free delivery is 500 but Once meru Prime teeskunte one year no minimum purchase edaina free delivery at any cost lo vastundi2 Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than

Next Amazon Prime Video, Mee intlo Smart TV unda then Download Prime Video app and enjoy Movies and TV shows and Amazon Originals and Webseries for One year at the cost of 499/- not only on Smart TV, mee Mobiles Desktops, Laptops, Tabs and iPods lo kuda Amazon Prime tho latest movies chudochu Inka cheppalante Lightening Deals like every Amazon lo deals untai vaatiki time limit untundi and takkuva stock untai so first come first serve la work avtundi aa Module so meru Prime member aythe andarikanna 30 minutes munde meeku Access untundi so best Products koneskovachu

Prime Wardrobe
Edhi vinnara kottaga Amazon lo lauch avtundi deeniki kuda Prime membership undali, deeni valla use enti anukuntunnara em ledu andi epudu manam shopping mall ki velthe 10 pairs try chesi 1 manchidi comfort ga unadu select cheskuni konukuntam so alane e Prime Wardrobe lo meru 15 Pairs of Clothes, Handbags, Footwear, Accessories an many things order cheakuni, 7 days lo me try chesi nachinavi unchukoni megatavi return cheyyochu and inka meru teeskunna pair ki matram pay cheste chalu3 Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than

Edhi chala bagundi kada next 2-3 months lo launch avtundi india lo epudu US lo Beta run avtundi so Buy an Amazon Prime Pack to avail all these exciting offers

Hotstar and NetFlix
Inka HotStar lo aythe meru Separate ga packs konadam pedda waste of money, anni Shows free of cost lone stream avtai and kakapothe konchem madyalo Ads barinchali, Monthly 200 pay chesekanna madyalo Ads better a ga, but meru Game of thrones Lover aythe pakka Konalsinde Pack, Baari mulyam tappadu4 Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than

Abbo idhoka Daarunam aslu App a Open avvadu Payment chesedaaka anni Premium a but way good chala baguntundi Netflix you can watch every US Originals on Netflix but Monthly 800 Netflix ki pay cheyyadam ante chala kastam and manaki aythe Netflix konalsina avsaram ledu manam chuse Movies ki TV shows and Webseries ki, 800 ante too much5 Why Amazon Prime Subscription is Better than

When Compared to all these Streaming Sites which is better anedi eppatike meeku ardam ay untadi, Go Buy an Amazon Prime and have an Happy Access to all Amazon Services for One year and only one time Payment for total 1 year As i am an user of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video naku Amazon Prime Membership chala nachindi and now i can watch many Webseries and Latest Movies from all languages in Amazon Prime and can able to purchase goods from amazon at free of Delivery charge and fast Delivery.

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