Why is Snathakam performed?


Every ceremony we perform has a strong reason behind that. A small chat or a big puja, everything holds great significance. Any ritual regarding weddings is done with utter importance and significance. From the engagement to the post-wedding ceremonies, everything is very sacred and performed with devotion. One such ceremony is the snathakam.Snathakam 1

Snathakam ceremony is performed at the bridegroom’s house before the muhurtam. The ceremony is significant as it carries with it the family’s prayer that the mind of the bride/groom be illuminated by wisdom. Early Brahmins had an organized system where boys were first given their sacred threads, and then sent away to learn scriptures from sages or wise men. On their return, they were made to perform the Snatakam, which meant that their education was complete and they were now ready for greater responsibilities like starting a family. Today, this ritual signifies the readiness of the groom for marriage and is concluded by the wearing of a silver thread.Snathakam 2