Why Not A Girl? : Amazing Short Film That Provokes A Sensible Thought In You


The birth of a girl child has always been looked down in our society. It’s a bitter truth which many in the society wouldn’t dare to admit. We give long lectures to the world about keeping our women important but when it comes to giving birth to a girl child, there is a second thought.

Based on this thought, the much awaited short film, Why not a Girl? starring Nandu is up and has garnered good response form every one. Putting a question straight up on your face – Why not a girl?, this short film sends across a message with the title itself and has justified the buzz it created. And that song especially – Janme neekisthu leaves you in pensive mood on how you’ve got to be matured in the these times leaving the stereotyped thoughts behind.

Though on one side we have people proud of their daughters, on the other side we have people who still think giving birth to a girl child is a burden. There is no bigger domestic violence than restricting the birth of a girl child. Restrict that thought instead!

Bringing out a thought provoking concept and questioning the importance of a girl child’s birth, Bhargavi Reddy and Varun Kumar Ponnam have come up with this short film and have been successful in getting it right. A special mention to needs to be given to the director, Sunil Puppala who also provided some amazing lines and screenplay.

Kudos to the entire team in coming up with a short film like this. We proudly would advice you to watch it right away! You can thank us later!! 🙂