Why should you watch Chicago Subbarao’s videos in youtube??

Chicago Subbarao is a channel on youtube with lots of creative and funny videos. For everyone in U.S.A for whatever purpose will definitely get connected to these videos. But why should you watch it in the first place??

1. If you are from a middle class family and your father has faced a lot of struggles for sending you abroad and you realize all his struggles when you earn and spend by yourself, you will definitely relate to this beautiful video!2. Cricket ki india lo unnantha fan following eh desam lo undadu ra babu! India lo cricket kosam pranalu istham and pranalu teestham kuda. Ade U.S ki once you go, cricket meeda hopes takva pettuko. Live streaming kosam vetakali..campus nunchi intiki povali..ivanni chese lopala Kohli century and Dhoni winning shot rondu will get over!3. U.S lo Telugu songs!! Ababaa…aa sounding is very nice no! English music vini vini ears dobbing ani anpistundi kadaaaa4. Masters cheyyadam ante nothing less than launching a rocket into space ani evarkanna explan cheyyalani anpisthe..for inspiration, watch this.5. RGV movies chusthe ardham authadi…vaalla effects US lo kuda nothing less ani6. Rajinikanth is our God of movies in India!  This is wrong! He is our God of movies, anywhere!7. India, house, friends, siblings, cousins, colony, daily activities etc., all these leaving and going another country ki anteee….starting show off unna kuda tarvata anniti meeda frustration ochi india ki ravalanipisthadi

If I tell you everything here, when will you go watch it all yourself!!??

Subscribe ‘Chicago Subbara’ on youtube for more videos! And have loads of fun and reminiscence.

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