Few Nostalgic Things We All Can Relate To During Winters


Contributed by Azeezunnisa Syed

Open cheste adi november,december month ante winter anamaata,chali kaalam vacchesindi and there are some winter things that are unique yet so relatable for everyone of us.Seasons changed,people changed ani antaru adi nijamo kado kani,season changed but some things will always remain same ani nen antanu because we all can relate to these following things in winter.

1.Unpacking winter clothes:

Winter ClothesWhile unpacking winter clothes the smell of naphthalene balls is the signature of winters arrival and aa smell untadi abbo no perfume will compete.

2.Coconut oil gets freezed:

Coconut OilFreezed coconut oil is another sign and we all have used many techniques for melting the coconut oil but for mom keep the bottle in sunlight is the solution.

3.Tea or Coffee feels like life-saver:

TeaAa chali ki oka cup tea or coffee morning ye taagithe it was really a whole new level of saviour for the day.

4.People wearing winter clothes on the streets:

ClothesWe can see people around us wears sweaters,mufflers,monkey caps,shawls,gloves,socks etc.Funning thing is XL people looks XXL,XXL looks XXXL and so on.

5.Cold creams shopping:

Cold CreamsWinters lo lips get chapped,feet gets craked,skin get dry etc.Boys use one product for all these things but we girls use different products for different things.

6.Snacks are bae:

SnacksWinter lo snacks ante ahaa adbhutam amogham ane cheppali coz cool cool weather lo garam garam food items thinte untadi #Swargam.

7. 6PM looks like 9PM:

winterAt 5PM its still sunny outside and chustu chustu 6PM ki bayata chuste chikati,OMG! few minutes before you see the sun and now looks like the time is 9’o clock.

8.Entering in washroom is most scarier:

WashroomWater,oh sorry cold water coming out of tap is hell so we use hot water for everything and no matter you use hot water you body still vibrates after few seconds.

9.Carrot halwa and hot jilebi is lub:

JilebiThe only thing everyone loves about winters are savouring hot and delicious desserts-Carrot halwa by mom and hot jalebi in street.

10.Finding ways to stay warm:

WarmVecchaga undataniki we find different ways to get warm like holding hot cup of tea,following sunlight while we are out etc,if you have any other please do comment.

11.Best couple-fever and cold:

FeverFalling sick with cold and fever is incomplete for everyone.

12.My buddies: What hurts more-breakup or betrayal?

BlanketMe:Leaving my blanket early morning in winters.

Yesss!! this hurts more than anything,morning mana bedsheet ni vadhaladam kanna mana gf or bf ni vadhaladam easy.It feels like heaven when you have these warm and cozy blankets in bed.