8 Witty Thittlu That Can Flow Only From Jandhyala’s Pen


Known as the Hasya Brahma, every Telugu film lover would have watched his movies and will never take a second thought to watch his movies again and again. Jandhyala is a genius in every aspect. Just take a look at our thought of picking this article on Jandhyala’s Thitlu. Might seem a bit weird but that how Jandhyala has left his trade mark. Even his abuses can be a topic. Genius indeed!! The way he uses his words makes us wonder the imagination that goes inside his head. Especially the abuses or as we call it Jandhyala Thittlu. They stand class apart and actually carry some really funny meaning.

Here we have collected few of those witty thitlu of Jandhyala. If you are bored of scolding your friends with the routine abuses, now you know how to add that required spice into your cuss language. Take note!

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