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World Food Day 2018 Aims For Zero Hunger & Food For All


Farmers ki andaru saanu bhoothi chupistham kaani food waste chesthu untam. Cheruvulu Inkipothunnay antam kaani water save cheyyam. Manaki awereness ledantaraa ?? Mana thinking ee World Food Day roju marchukundam to eradicate malnutrition from india.Asalu ee WFD entante…

World Food Day 2018

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations mana world lo unna problems like hunger, malnutrition, and poverty eradication gurinchi discuss cheyataaniki, awareness penchi ee cause ni promote cheyataniki oka roju ni decide chesi daniki oka peru pettaru ade, 16th October – World Food Day.

FAO founded in Rome, Italy, in 1945.It is celebrated widely by many other organisations concerned with food security, including the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.


Prathi year 150 countries across the world ee FAO’s mission ni support chesthunnayi. Ee roju na events kuda conduct chestharu public lo awareness penchadaniki, understanding & support kosam.

Malnutrition ante posha kara lopanni across the globe tagginchataniki, agricultural productivity penchataaniki, also to enhance the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy ee FAO aim chesthundi

Every year oka theme ni follow avthuntaaru. 2008 nunchi ippati varuku vaala themes entante,

2008: World food security: the challenges of climate change and bio energy
2009: Achieving food security in times of crisis
2010: United against hunger
2011: Food prices – from crisis to stability
2012: Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world
2013: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition
2014: Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”
2015: “Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty”
2016: Climate change: “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too”
2017: Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.
2018: our actions are our future
It is a day that reminds us that we must take action towards the eradication of hunger.
Ela antara, manam tine food waste cheyakunda undatam valla, water resources ni jagratha ga vaadukovadam valla, mana farmers kastanni manam kapudukunte region wise food save ayyinatte kada. Ala wastage ni taggiste food andariki availablity lo ki osthundani

FAO aims to End hunger, Achieve food security and to Improved nutrition, promotes sustainable agriculture

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