World’s Most Expensive Valentine’s Gifts…Beware Of Some Serious Numbers!!

Yeah well, deep pockets make for superlative gifts. And Valentine’s Day is a day for splurging right and left, and for a poor guy like that isn’t much of an option. Sad, I know!

However, I got curious and went about researching what the loaded men flaunt as a gifting option, and sheesh that’s when I had some real existential crisis. So without further adieu let’s dive into the most expensive gifts in no particular order.

Wine of Balthazar of Château Margaux, Dubai  ( Cost : $ 195,000 or INR 1,33,50,677 )

Wine of Balthazar of Château Margaux, Dubai-most expensive Valentine's gifts

Yup Sipping away at the world’s most expensive wine, Balthazar. Only Six bottles of it remain. And if you, my man, can get that drink for the lady, well, can you adopt me?

Suite chosen in Shahi Raj Mahal, Jaipur, India (Cost : $ 28595 or INR 19,57,757)

Suite chosen in Shahi Raj Mahal, Jaipur, India-most expensive Valentine's gifts

And if you want to do some Maharaja stuff and keep that swag going, a luxury suite in Raj Mahal awaits you. Gold and Ivory muxed lounges, private theaters and private library. Stuff of Disney Dreams, me thinking…

Book Your Own Private Island, Fiji (Cost : $ 150,000 or INR 1,02,69,752)

Book Your Own Private Island, Fiji -most expensive Valentine's gifts

And here I am booking tickets for Deadpool. Damn!! Anyways, If you are like, cousin kid of Tony Stark, go for booking an island, Laucala, all for yourself and your bae, and some of your pals. Epic getaway if you ask me!

Share that Costliest CupCake, Dubai (Cost : $ 1010 or INR 69,149.66)

Share that Costliest CupCake, Dubai-most expensive Valentine's gifts


See this is precisely why I hate those cupcakes. Not eating them, rather buying them. And when it is Dubai, even thinking of them. Butter from England, Amedei Porcelina Chocolate from Italy, Ugandan Vanilla and a whole lot of goodness. Sigh!!

Buy World’s Most Costliest Coffee, Kopi Luwak, Vietnam (Cost(lb) : $ 600 or INR 41,079.01 )  

Buy World’s Most Costliest Coffee, Kopi Luwak, Vietnam-most expensive Valentine's gifts
Vietnam Weasel Coffee

Sara chutzpah saala coffee shops ka hai. Interesting fact, This coffee is made from droppings of the Civate cat, who eat cherries and excrete them. Really that’s shitty, literally. But each to his own. I’m like, I’ll just go with apna 10 rupee Bru packet.

Sail away in World’s Most Expensive Cruise, London (Cost : $ 1500,000 or INR 10,26,97,520)

-Sail away in World’s Most Expensive Cruise, London-most expensive Valentine's gifts

We book a cab. If we are like crazy, we book an ola in surge timings. But this is just beyond our imagination. 124 days of sailing from London and back to it. Blimey, that’s one trip  wouldn’t dare to scurry onto, mate. Oh, did I mention, they pick you up in a chopper, and give you a Royal Suite, to beat the sun, eh!

Take a trip to Space, New Mexico, USA (Cost : $ 200,000  or INR 1,36,93,000)

Take a trip to Space, New Mexico, USA-most expensive Valentine's gifts

Well, doesn’t the name imply intergalactic awesomeness. Don’t worry though, you’ll be given basic astronaut training before going into the space. But don’t eff up your date. We’ve had enough of Gravity+Martian stuff. Me? Well, I’ll just sit home and watch Force Awakens.

Gift A Custom Made Perfume, Paris (Cost : $ 475,000 or INR 3,25,20,880)

Gift A Custom Made Perfume, Paris-most expensive Valentine's gifts

Ever wondered where those guys from AXE got the idea of women swooning over men after they apply it. This is a more appropriate product to go with it. Go to Paris and customise a perfume to your liking. Also the package includes a drive around the wonderful city. Trouver Agreable!

World’s Most Expensive Manicure, United Kingdom (Cost : $ 51,000 or INR 34,91,715)

World’s Most Expensive Manicure, United Kingdom-most expensive Valentine's gifts

Adorn your nails with a world class manicure treatment in London, and stud them with 10 carat diamonds. Well, you know, it is at times like these, that I’m very inclined to take that space travel gift and jump on the first planet I come across.

Track Down World’s Most Expensive Flower, Sri Lanka

Track Down World’s Most Expensive Flower, Sri Lanka-most expensive Valentine's gifts

The Kadapul flower, the world’s most rarest flower, which blooms only at night and has just a few hours of lifetime, is the ultimate romantic gift. However, it has never been sold. Hence, it is Priceless. I’ll show my bae, a NatGeo documentary on it, and write a poem on it. Game Over!

So, these are some of the most expensive gifts ever presented or which could be presented by someone in love. But having said that, these can never replace the love you have for your partner. Be there for them, and you’ll know how precious time is.

Wanna tell us about what you gifted your valentine?

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