Worried About your Career? Chill…Sometimes It’s Okay To Take A Break


There are 3 types of people we generally come across when talking about choosing a career path in life.

All Set: careerPeople under this category know strongly what they want to be in life. They have a clear vision of what they want to see themselves in next 10-15 years and ahead. It might be due to the early realization of their talents, being inspired by someone or due to the influence of family, they are all set about what they want to be in life. All they need to do is work towards that goal. No confusions, all clear like sprite!

Better Late Than Never: careerFor most of the people it takes a while to understand what they want to do rest of their lives. They go with the flow. In due time they realize that they are in wrong path and eventually discover their passions and start working on them. For few it might take ages to find what truly excites them.

A Twist In The Tale: careerWe have heard many people especially celebrities saying this. They land into a profession which they never dreamt of. It all happens with a stroke of luck. Fate kicks them hard into something better than they have planned. Though luck plays the main part in showing us the best career path, One has to work hard to keep up with the success.

Pressure about settling in life is mainly from outside rather than inside. People around us more worried about us career than ourselves. It has become a custom to do something in life only to satisfy people around us.career

Till 10th class, everyone undergoes a standard education structure. After that comes the deciding factor. For some of us it is too early to take a strong stance on a specific career path. So we just go through the default college education suggested by family and friends and settle in some job. If you are happy and satisfied with your work that’s great! But if you are restless and feel you are in the wrong place and still continue only to avoid questions from society, you should rethink.career

It’s okay not to have a definite future plan immediately. It takes time, to understand your heart and realize your dreams. Just don’t be disheartened. It’s absolutely fine to take a break in the career. You need it. A good night’s sleep is necessary for a better tomorrow. In the same way, a break from what you are doing will be essential to rejuvenate and rediscover yourself.career

Today’s world is far different from what it was few decades back. Many creative career options have evolved than the standard ones. Instead of taking up available options, people are creating new ones themselves. To have a balanced society, contribution of all professions is required. So no job is small or big. Now-a-days no work is considered high or low. New paths are being explored. Don’t be in a hurry and take a decision in haste to settle. Experiment, follow your heart.7 - follow