This Write Up Proves Why ‘Chitra’ From The Movie Pelli Choopulu Is One Of The Finest Women Characters Written In Telugu Cinema


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Meet Chitra,An Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Chitra is an MBA graduate from a middle class family.Simplicity and elegance radiates in her attitude.She is ambitious, has her own ideas and wants to start her own business. Her dreams do not involve falling in love and getting married. She wants to build an identity beyond whom she’s marrying or her family. She wants to earn money and is unapologetic about it.

DownloadWhenever someone tries to mock her self-respect, she is ready to give it back to them – be it her father, Prashanth, or her ex-boyfriend Vikram.Her father feels that he would rather have spent money on her wedding and dowry than her education.Her father isn’t really an authoritarian, but like any patriarch wants to see her married soon. The urban elite likes to pretend that son preference exists only in the hinterlands and never in their own drawing room.

Chitra, however, is not one to be subdued down so easily. She argues with her father for what she wants and makes sure to explain him the purpose behind it.She instructs the men how to do the job. She is strong and bossy, yet likable. She doesn’t need rescuing from a man for anything.She doesn’t need to be dropped back home and can take care of herself.

She holds herself to high standards. When her ex comes back, she allows him to state what he wants and then slaps him — not because he broke up with her, but because he didn’t do it the right way.Her paths cross with Prashant a lazy chap who dreams of becoming a chef. Chitra is never silenced or looked down upon, for who she is. Of course, Chitra is no perfectionist and has her own flaws, but that’s what makes her equation with Prasanth so appealing. They are both equals, in every sense of the word.

Ritu Varma Biography 500x333Chitra has her own voice and fortunately Prashanth never feels the urge to mansplain things to her.Prashanth never tries to dominate Chitra. The one time Prashanth does speak up is to make Chitra’s father realize how wrong he is for wanting a son over her by pointing to himself as an example of how “useless” a son could be, and how lucky he is to have Chitra as a daughter.

Chitra is not a rebel.Instead, she gets her father to understand her point of view. She mirrors the challenges faced by many self-assured, confident women.Here is 🍸to Chitra,to the strength she possesses, to her ability to chase the dreams and live them no matter what.She is an amazing role-model to all the budding girls out there who are wondering if they can run a business on their own ideas. She’s there telling all of them — Yes, you can!

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