WTF: 60 year old punches another over Musical Chairs!


If you thought Musical Chairs was just a friendly, fun sport you played in your childhood, here’s something that’ll make you reconsider your opinion.

The Maharashtra Government declared Musical Chairs as a sport. Last week, a man took this news to heart, and punched another 60 year old for beating his wife at Musical Chairs. Turns out, the event was organized by a Mumbai based school as part of their ‘Grandparents Day’ celebration.

Here, one gentleman – Rajendra Tiwari, who is unfortunately also a heart patient – beat another man – Mr. Shukla’s – wife in the final round of the game. However, when he was declared the winner, he was accused of cheating by slowing down when he came close to the chair.

Mr. Shukla, who might be the most passionate fan of the sport Musical Chairs, immediately shouted and punched Mr. Tiwari on the face and started abusing him. In a few minutes, he was rushed to a hospital where the chaos was sorted out.

I don’t know if I should applaud Mr. Shukla for his passion towards Musical Chairs and his wife, or applaud Mr. Tiwari for holding on under pressure.

One assumes the kids at the function got a story to tell that day. Read the news story here.

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