Yahoo names the cow Personality of the Year

As part of its yearly aggregates of the year that has gone, Yahoo came up with a list for the Personality of the Year, and the Cow stood at first place.

The humble cow has been in the news this year, thanks primarily to the furore caused over the beef ban, and many calls to ban the slaughter of the animal. Since the cow is considered holy for Hindus, a few states like Maharashtra and have implemented the ban on selling and consuming beef.

In the run up to declaring cow Personality of the Year, the animal pipped Narendra Modi to the top position, even jumping over popular figures like Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif. The poll, which is based on the number of searches and internet     queries for the topic, seems to have reflected what we have been debating about online through much of 2015.

Here’s actor and comedian Sumeet Raghavan’s funny take on the Beef Ban. Have a look:

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