You Are Not A True Food Lover If You Can’t Answer These Questions

Hello friends, Are you a foodie? do you love food and want to know everything about food, or do you want to prove that you know everything about food? we have an awesome quiz for you guys.



You Are A True Foodie, No Amount Of Questions Can Stop You, Happy Eating

Better Luck Next Time, Keep Eating And Keep Exploring

#1. Butter Milk Is Made From Which Dairy Product

#2. Coconut Trees Grow Better In What Conditions

#3. National Vegetable Of India

#4. Strawberry Is A Good Source Of Which Vitamin?

#5. Which State Is Most Famous For Sambar?

#6. Where Did Coffee Originate From?

#7. Which State Is The Largest Producer Of Wheat In India

#8. Where Did Rice Originally Come From?

#9. Which Part Of The Ginger Plant Do We Eat?

#10. Famous Food Of Hyderabad


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