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8 Things You Relate To When You Are The Sarcastic Friend In Your Group


Every group lo all kinds of friends untaru. Intelligent, tall, dumb and beautiful, alage sarcastic annamata. Velato time spend cheyadam chala entertaining ga untadi and time asalu teledu. Alanti sarcastic friend me group lo mere aitey? Yes, now here are we sharing some few things that you are relate to if you are the sarcastic friend in your group.

1. Me group lo secrets anni me friends meke the last cheptaru. They think twice before telling it to you, because me remarks nijamga chala sarcastic ga untayi.

2. Andariki me group lo chala bayam to get into a fight with you, because they are 100 percent sure that you shut them with just one comment.

3. Vallu evarto anna godavapadali antey, they want you to argue with them.

4. Me Facebook list lo chala mandi mimalni block chesuntaru, because of your sarcasm.

5. Many of your sarcastic comments have become quotable quotes. Me friends vatini chala varaku vadeskuntaru vere chotla.

6. Sometimes your friends accuse you of being sarcastic even when you’re not!

7. Kani meru epudanna nijamga sarcastic ga lekapotey, they start asking you, what happened ani.

8. Me friends valaki istam leni vallaki mimalni parichayam chestaru. Me sarcastic comments dwara vala meda revenge terchukodaniki.

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