8 Things You Must Never Say To Your Ex

The breakup is painful. Reason edhaina breakup ayyaka entho kontha badha untundhi. Kani breakup tharvatha chala mandhi ex-ki message cheddhamani try chesthuuntaru. Kani konni messages cheyyadam vallaemi benefit undadhu. So don’t do such kind of mistakes! Be strong.. hehe Let us check out some types of messages which you should never do to your ex!!!

1. I miss you:

Never Say To Your Ex

Breakup aina tharvatha message cheyyalante first common ga use chese text idhe! Kani idhi vallaki advantage ga maari me feelings tho aadukune chance undhi. So never do it!

2. I hate you:

Never Say To Your Ex

Manaki breakup tharvatha chala emotions untay! Okkosari chala depress avtham. Ah, state lo unnapudu “I hate you” ani pampinche chance undhi kani I am telling you it won’t help you… instead, you will be depressed a lil more by doing this!

3. I am happier now!

Never Say To Your Ex

Don’t say anything like this to the one without whom you felt incomplete once. Ila cheyyadam valla meedhe consistency leni character avthundhi!

4. You don’t deserve me:

Never Say To Your Ex

It was your fault dating the person with whom you were never happy. Relationship start chese appudu eh feeling tho start chesthamo breakup tharvatha kuda anthe stable ga undali.

5. I want you back:

Never Say To Your Ex

Kontha mandhi breakup tharvatha move on avvaleru..adhi common eh kani messaging “I want you” is not a smarter way to approach!

6. I would better date your friend:

Never Say To Your Ex

Just to hurt your ex or to take revenge, dating your ex’s friend can make it uncomfortable in future. Ilanti decisions theeskodam valla meeke loss ekkuva jaruguthundhi.

7. You need a therapy:

Never Say To Your Ex

Nen bane unnanu…you are not right. Neeku Psychiatrist help avasaram ani ila cheppadam valla meekunna ego satisfy avvadhu. Idhi me ex-ki chala kiddish ga anipisthundhi.

8. I wish I had never met you:

Never Say To Your Ex

Relation lo unnappudu “nuvvu innallu ekkadunnav? Nakendhuku kanpinchaledhu?” ani adigi oksari breakup ayyaka “nenu ninnu kalavadame peddha mistake” anadam correct kadhu. Meedhi split personality aithe ala matladtharemo..

So e points anni na perspective lo mention chesinavi. Never lose self-respect. Hope you got connected to the article. In case you had any other texting experiences with your ex, comment and let me know!

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