These YT Videos With Filmmakers Detailing Their Style Of Writing Are A Must Watch For Aspiring Writers

Cinema is everything. Cinema is magic. Entho mandhi stories cheppali ani filmmakers avvali ani ee kshanam kannulu terichi kalalu kantuntaru. But it’s not easy, it’s tough, it’s damn hard. But don’t give up, write, make films and feel life. Already mana laage cinema ane kalalu kani aa kalalani saadinchina konthamandi great Hollywood filmmakers valla filmmaking & writing process gurinchi explain chestu YouTube lo videos unnayi. Aa videos annitini ikkada list chesam, aspiring filmmakers, late enduku cheppandi, dive into this and grab the knowledge, apply… All the best to all the aspiring filmmakers

1. Christopher Nolan

2. Alfred Hitchcock

3. Steven Spielberg

4. Stan Lee

5. Vince Gilligan

6. George R.R Martin

7. James Cameron

8. Quentin Tarantino

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