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All You Need To Know About The Initiative Of NGO Yuvatha To Recycle 35000kg wastepaper To 1 Lakh Note Booksyuvatha

Mana society lo evaru ela untey nakenduku nenu bagunte chalu ani anukune manushulu chala mande unaru and nenu antey na family kaadu na society anukuni enno manchi panulu chese vallu kuda unaru and one such person is Saketh Kothamasu. He is a student of Tata Institute of Social Sciences Hyderabad pursuing Rural Development and Governance. He founded an NGO called Yuvatha to help the underprivileged sections of the society.10 saketh

Vellu andari laga kaadandi, they didn’t just stick to one, they have adopted orphanages, reformed public properties, invested in eco-friendly practices and conducted blood donation camps, socialawareness drives. Mana society ki vala vantu service cheyadaniki, they have dedicated their lives to this NGO and doing more than what they can do. So far, they have conducted hundreds of events and campaigns and become successful in attending the needs of 10,000 people.yuvatha

Now, they have come up with another interesting initiative to help the school kids. They have aimed at collecting and recycling 35000 kg wastepaper into 1 lakh notebooks and distribute them to kids in government school across Hyderabad.yuvatha

Firstly the process involves the collection of waste paper from offices, colleges, households and sent it to recycling unit to convert it into sheets of paper. Then they cut and bind the paper into books. In the first phase, a whopping amount of 1,166 kg’s paper which were converted into 2100 books. In the second phase, around 1,563 kg’s paper turned into 2500 plus books.yuvatha

With an aim to turn decrease the number of trees that are killed every year for the production of new paper, they have started recycling the wastepaper.yuvatha

Meru kuda e kids ki support chedam anukuntunara? Then this NGO is giving you a chance to adopt a kid for a year by just paying Rs. 625 every month. E amount ni kid food, stationary, 2 T-shirts, toiletry kit, medicines and footwear kosam spend chestaru. You can educate a kid for a year by just paying Rs. 1,450 every month.8

Kudos to Yuvatha team, for your efforts to make the kids dreams come true!9