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10 Magic Spices for a Delicious & Mouth-Watering Biryani


Biryani one the most favourite and famous dish among every Indian. Yepudu biryani thinalani unna we prefer ordering it from outside leda intlo fresh ingredients tho cheskundam ani anukuntam. Biryani cheyali antey first ga best quality rice inka tender meat inka vegetables ni procure cheskuntam, but yenni ingredients unna there are few magical spices which makes Biryani the star dish of all. Do you know all the spices which go into a biryani? I’m sure you just know few of them. Check out this article to know what they are and the hidden health benefits of these spices.

1. Cardamom:

Mouth-Watering Biryani

Ee aromatic spice body appetite ni penchuthundi. Dintlo unna good properties stomach upset, bad ardor, urinary problems lanti problems ni reduce chesi body ni instant soothing effect isthundi.

2. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds lo unna benefiting nutrients, essential compounds, anti-oxidants, dietary fibre, minerals, inka vitamins body ni infect cheysey cancers cells, infection, ageing inka degenerative neurological diseases nunchi protect chesthundi.

3. Star Anise:

Star anise ye dish kanna additional flavour add chesthundi, dintlo unna anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic properties gas problems ni treat chesthundi.

4. Cinnamon:

This is one the best spice, dintlo unna natural preservative properties food spoil aavakunda protect chesi food ni fresh ga unchuthundi.

5. Cloves:

Ee spice dish flavour in enhance chesthundi, dintlo unna poshakalu inka pungent smell and taste respiratory issues ni reduce chesthundi inka digestion ki help chesthundi.

6. Mace:

Ee spice ni yekuvaga savoury dishes lo vadutharu, dintlo body ki kavalsina essential nutrients untai.

7. Nutmeg:

Ee spices lo unna juices when used in food secrets gastric & intestinal juices which ease down the digestion process. Regular intake of nutmeg blood pressure ni reduce chesthundi.

8. Black Stone Flower:

Ee spice koncham bitter taste tho untundi, but very spices tho combine ayyi dish ki oka special flavour esthundi. Dintlo unna healing properties pain in relief chesthundi inka HIV virus lanti deadly diseases ni cure cheyadaniki try chesthundi.

9. Marathi Moggu:

Ee Karnataka spice chala famous, ee spice ni yekuvaga spicy dishes lo use chestharu, basic ga dintlo lo unna properties prathi oka dish ni special flavour inka taste esthundi.

10. Bay Leaf:

Ee spice general ga biryani aaku ani antaru, ye special rice recipe leda masala curry unna bay leaf/biryani aaku thapakunda vadutharu. Dintlo unna poshakalu blood glucose, cholesterol inka triglyceride levels ni thaginchi type 2 diabetes ni reduce chesthundi.

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