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10 Things Girls Do When They Are Alone At Home


Idi nammadaniki kastamaina sare ammailu ni asalu ardam cheskoleru. They are incredibly gross creatures. It is not weird but something beyond that. Girls epudu ekada ela untaro evariki teledu, so we are sharing some strange things that girls do when they are alone:

1. They stare in the mirror but not do anything, just ala stare chestu undipotaru long time.

2. Stalking their ex and his new girlfriend’s Facebook pages.

3. Go through every photo on your phone picking out #TBTs for the next four Thursdays.

4. You think about organizing your closet and also plans to make your room attractive.

5. Think about using this free time to exercise. You actually start, but immediately tired and stops it.

6. Taking up a shower and laying around in your towel for like few hours.

7. Take a million selfies. Send all of them to your best friend.

8. Put on a face mask and leave it on for way, way too long.

9. Watching emotional videos on Youtube and you start crying connecting them to your life.

10. Pop all the pimples.

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