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10 Things You Relate To If You Are Die-Hard Panipuri Lover

E title ni chusaka chala mandiki ardam ayipoyi undale e article denigurincho. It is about our favorite Panipuri. Asalu denni istapadani vallu evaranna untara, especially among girls? No right! Now we are sharing about 10 things that you relate to if you are die-hard Panipuri lover.
1. Evaranna enduku alanti unhealthy food meeda money waste chestav and health paduchesuntav ani antey, inka antey world war 3 start apoyidi. 
2. When your friend asks: What do you do on weekends?
Your reply: Eating Panipuri!
3. Unexpectedly, mee face 1000 watt bulb la apoyidi, when you see a Panipuri stall.
4. Mee city loni tasty and famous panipuri stalls anni list untadi. 
5. Edanna restaurant ki evening times veltey, me first option of course Panipuri!
6. Panipuri is not a food, but it is an emotion. 
7. You absolutely not bothered about hygiene as long as the panipuri tastes like heaven.
8. Annitiante sad moment in your life entante, when puri breaks before you could put it in your mouth. It’s true!
9. When you go abroad, one of the things that you miss the most is Panipuri
10You always ask the vendor for extra puri. Ento a last one tinakapotey, asalu panipuri tinattu kuda undadu. 

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