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12 Simple food swaps to make your lifestyle healthy


Manam chaala different types food cheskuntam. With a lot of food chains open, mana food habits maarutunnay. And we sometimes cannot ignore eating outside due to certain obligations. Instead, we can have a healthier lifestyle when living on our terms and compromise with the unhealthy food that we have sometimes.

Here are a few food swaps we can make when our food is in our hands.

1. Switch paneer with tofu.
2. Replace milk with skim milk.
3. Swap white rice or basmati with brown rice.
4. Swap icecream for yogurt.
5. Swap fried food with baked food.
6. Have more fresh fruit juices instead of canned juices.
7. Have dry fruits or buttermilk to crave instant food crave.
8. Have some sweet potato or honey dishes instead of sweets.
9. Replace milk or white chocolate with dark chocolate.
10. Have some grapes, pomegranate, berries or watermelon when you wish to have some sweet dishes.
11. Replace white bread with wheat bread.
12. Instead of soft drinks, have lemon water.

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