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14 Types Of Dishes You Can Make With Rice


Rice tho enno cheskovachu. Try them all, one after one.

Rice is one thing we people cannot stay away from. Day ki okkasaranna tinakapothe we feel incomplete. It fills our stomachs with so much energy for the entire day. Kani roju just rice and curries bore kottesthadi. Here are a few things you can make with rics. And indulo manaki telsinavi and teliyanivi untay.
1. Pulusu Saddi.

2. Rice Pongal

3. Burnt Garlic Friend rice

4. Broccoli and Mushroom Rice

5. Tomato Rice

6. Pulihora

7. Rice Payasam

8. Biryani (veg or egg)

9. Soya and Mushroom Biryani

10. Kashmiri Pulao

11. Jeera Rice

12. Bisi Bele Bath

13. Pudina Rice14.   Carrot Rice

Share with us your favorite rice dish

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