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15 Summer tips for men


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Summer is a season of being safe with skin and health. Not just for women, it is really important for men to protect and take care of themselves this super hot summer.

1. Keep washing your face very often to not let the pores catch in lots of dirt and oil

2. Use mild soap to let a little oil stay back on your face and not let it dry out completely.

3. Do not forget sunscreen at any cost. It is not important to protect the color. But it is definitely important to protect your skin.

4. Too much beard this season could be irritating to maintain and to carry. Shave yourself up smart enough but not overly done.

5. To make skin look fresh and decently moisturized, massage it with olive oil.

6. Keep yourself totally hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices.7. Carry a hat whenever you go out.

8. Use light weight clothing and also lighter shaded ones.

9. Keep yourself away from sodas as they contain a lot of aerated drinks and is not healthy for your skin.

10. Avoid junk and alcohol.

11. Keep your body hair in check to not let it irritate you in high heat.

12. Shorts and t-shirts are some get away clothing to keep you free this summer.

13. Citrus scents work best in warmer weather. Keep the woody ones for the winter.

14. Keep your hair style and length in check. Do not grow it too long for it to be a bothering this season.

15. Even if you need to wear a blazer, do wear only light weight ones. That will help you concentrate on the work rather than you heavy dressing.