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24 Review : The Best Time Travel Ever! Take A Bow To The Entire Team of 24.


Rarely do you come out of a cinema hall with a pleasant smile on your face and satisfaction in the heart. And the only reason for such a satisfied smile will be because of the movie you just watched and stepped out from.

To start with the least word I could describe this movie – it’s kick-ass! Baring a few songs here and there which you know will pass in no time, Vikram K Kumar has simply weaved magic on the screen with this sci-fi drama.

Sivakumar(Suriya) is a scientist who invents a watch with which you can travel in time to and fro. His twin brother Atreya(Suriya again) is keen to posses this watch and breaks all means to gain it right from the 7th minute into the movie. Things take a twist and Sivakumar’s son Mani (yes, third time Suriya) who is handed over to Satyabama (Saranya) to be taken care when he is being hunted down. Fast forward to 26 years and Mani is a watch mechanic with the brains of his dad and the key to watch ends up on his table. Natural elements play some of the key factors and there Mani learns about the special watch. If I go anymore further, I would be the most foolish person playing a spoilt brat for you guys.You have to watch to find out what is exactly Atreya wants to do with the watch.

24 is one movie that doesn’t let you even turn your head aside to talk to your friend (baring those few songs which you take some time to relax). It has neither extravaganze introductions nor some random comedy to tickle your ribs. It has a story where you need to be alert and watch the happenings. The story telling is a complete treat not only to your eyes but to your brains as well. Vikram K Kumar is known for pointing out even minute details in his narration and every shot has an importance.

Reasons you should watch 24?

Vikram K Kumar – Take a bow to this man! This movie is of some genius touch. Vikram has got the knack of narrating imaginable yet impossible fantasies in the most simplistic manner. He proved that with Manam and now with 24, he has only climbed a step higher. He has simply materialised the fantasy to travel to and fro and also freeze on time in the most convincing way. Especially introducing the watch to us in the first one hour of the movie and the climax where he connects the beginning and ending at the same point show his class and brain in writing some of the best content so far in South Indian cinema. He will be hailed!!

Suriya – For the versatility Suriya has been showing us since the beginning of his career, Suriya is only making it tougher for other actor to pick scripts with guts and pull them off with élan. You will love his performance as Atreya, a badass villain who says he loves to be a villain. All the three roles portrayed by him are of top notch. All through the movie you can see only him and the different shades he shows you will only make your jaws go awww..

Production – Produced by Suriya himself, when you talk about a sci-fi movie, though it excites you, for the wide range of audience we have, it needs to be engaging and entertaining. If you stick to a sci-fi film, you might loose the commercial elements. And if you emphasise on the commercial elements, you might end up diluting the subject. Believing in Vikram, Suriya should be praised for taking up all on himself and not compromising on those classy touches to the quality of the movie, because for a sci-fi movie, that is very crucial.

 A team of power packed technicians – Special mention to the flawless VFX which at no point disturbed the flow of the movie. Prawin Pudi’s cuts were also crisp and only elevated the movie. Tirru handled the camera with grace and Rehman was at his best as ever.

Right from the teaser and trailer released, the movie has been under great expectations. No doubt, this one will live up to your expectations (again, telling you just bare the songs and all will be fine). It’s month start and I am sure you will have many options available at your disposal to venture out this weekend. Pick 24 as a priority and it will be worth even the time you waited in a traffic jam on your way to the cinemas.

Irrespective of any age, you can rely all yourself on Vikram K Kumar for he is now a master in narrating complicated subjects in the most simplistic manner. Take your time if you want to watch it but, remember not to miss this genius stuff before it leaves the cinemas.

Once again, take a bow to the entire team of 24!!


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