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Gudilo nundi vacchey mundhu em cheyali?


There is an occasion or not, reason or not, we visit temples with a main motto of seeking blessings from the Lord to keep us healthy and happy throughout our life. As per Hindu Dharma, there are a certain rules to be followed while exiting a temple. After taking the Prasadam and the Theertham, we should be taking permission from the Lord and then go ahead with leaving the temple. Other than that, here are what one should follow while exiting the temple.

1. Do Namaskara to the Lord once again. Just as we inform and seek permission of the elders at our houses, we need to turn back and inform the god and take his permission. At that time, we should be praying to grace us with coming back to the temple again and again.
2. While leaving after your darshan, instead of just turning around and making way to the exit, take 7 steps back and then turn your back to leave the temple premises. While taking these 7 steps, look at the idol and it stays in your eyes and makes you remain immersed in the thoughts of the Lord.
3. Take proper darshan of the dome of the temple before leaving the premises. Initial darshan of the kalash(dome) before entering is symbolizes the journey of the individual from Maya to Brahman, that is, towards non-duality. Darshan of the dome while returning from the Temple, symbolizes the journey of the individual from non-duality to duality, which means returning to carry out the tasks associated with Maya.
4. Thank the god for giving you the chance of visiting him this time and pray that he gives you permission and tell him that you will visit him again.

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