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5 Most Expensive Vegetables In India!


What is not expensive today? From television sets to mobile phones, everything comes with a price. But have you ever wondered how expensive or inexpensive the foods we eat frequently can be? While most vegetables do come under budget, that is if there is no recession, there are a few which will burn holes in your pockets. And, no, we aren’t talking of organic vegetables here.
So, here are 5 most expensive vegetables in India, which you might want to use carefully and go on a spree while cooking them..


Asparagus is super easy to cook and is often served in roasted or boiled form. But it is super expensive and cannot be found easily in our country. Though, it is cultivated in India, its limited usage is not been seen in the commercial market. We don’t use it on regular basis and we find this only in certain restaurants or cafés leading to the import of this vegetable. Hence Asparagus is pricey. It is priced around INR 1200 – 1500/kg in India..

2.Bok Choy

Bok Choy is not easily available in India. Most people were not even aware of this delicious vegetable here. But, thanks to several restaurants, people are eating this and enjoying its flavours in food bowls or with noodles. And, since it is so rare, the price is obviously high for this vegetable. A single stem of Bok Choy will not be less than INR 115. Too much for a leafy vegetable, nai?

3.Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are our favourite. Unlike the regular tomatoes, they are tiny in size and have a resemblance to cherries. They are used in several dishes and are sometimes eaten raw in pastas or salads. Cherry Tomatoes are super expensive and there are not available in vegetable markets. One kg of Cherry Tomatoes are priced around INR 250 to INR 300.


Zucchini is extremely good for health and is quite nutritious. The influence of food bloggers has made this vegetable super popular in our country. It promotes metabolism and weight loss making its demand sky rocket. But since we don’t cultivate it so much here, it is quite pricey. It is priced at INR 95-115/kg. (And, you don’t even get so much for a kg.)


Parsley is a green leafy vegetable and most people mistake it for being coriander. But, Parsley is different and has strong flavour. It is used in fresh and dried forms. As it is not cultivated in India, it is imported from other countries making it pricey for a green leafy vegetables. One kg of Parsley is priced more than INR 50. It is extensively used in top-notch restaurants to enhance the flavour of the food..

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