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5 Upcoming features in Google Maps


We cannot imagine our life without Google maps. With over a billion users this platform is growing and new features are going to be added in the near future. There isn’t any official confirmation as to when these features will be available on your devices. Take a look at what you can expect from this upcoming update.

‘Share’ button replaced by ‘screenshot’ button:google mapsSpeculations about Google replacing the ‘share’ button with a ‘screenshot’ button are doing rounds. Some users have been already been introduced with this feature. It’s not sure if the feature will perform the same though.

Create shortcuts to favourite stations: Maps may let you set shortcuts or preferred routes to a station. This will be visible to other commuters using the same station too. This is truly a lifesaver if you want to skip traffic.

Battery status is shown while location sharing:While sharing your location with someone, Google maps will show your battery status so they can analyze until when you can communicate with them.

Sharing trips with others:The apps apk teardown reveals a feature wherein users can share their trips. This can be done when you are en route or have reached your destination.

Notification of arrival:Google maps already have the feature of navigation through notifications. This update extends to giving users notification informing them of their arrival.

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