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6 signs that your phone might have been hacked.

Phone hacked

Ee generation lo privacy unna devices asalu undavu..not even your own cell phones. Manam teliso teliyakano airports or malls lo USB charger vadutamu.

They are highly dangerous and might transfer unknown fiiles/apps/virus in your own.

Below are signs that your phone might have been hacked :

1.Sudden ga Phone lo tondarga battery aypovadam. This can happen when there is an unknown app running inside your phones.

2.Your phone reboots itself, switches off, dials numbers, or starts applications. Idi system breakdown kaadu, then it could be tapping.

3.Unknown phone numbers in your “Recent calls.”

4.You cannot switch off your device. Baduluga, mee phone vere apps open cheytam,brightness penchatam lantivi own ga chestundi.
5.There are noises or echo during calls, and you haven’t had them in this location before.

So secure ga vundandi! Ekada Padite akada dont use chargers or usb. Play safe!

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