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7 Cheap and Last Minute DIY Gifts


Konni sarlu mana laziness vallagani or busy undatam valla mana close friends or family occasions ki gifts konadam marchipotam. So, alantapudu manaki available ga unde materials tho we can design some creative things to gift them. They look unique as well as easy to prepare. Check out this list and don’t forget to give a try:

1. Try to create an arrow bookmark using popsicle sticks

2. This one is especially for children. A reading pillow with a special rack for books.

3. A Cupcake in a Jar

Prepare a delicious cupcake and put it in a jar. Don’t forget to decorate the jar for an elegant look.

4. Lip Balm Lockets

Trust us! These are easy to make

5. Watercolor Portraits

Most ideal gift for grandparents.

6. A Pom-Pom Branch Bouquet

7. Fruity Stamped Zipper Purses

Teenage girls will definitely love it

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