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7 Easy Omelettes to make for a tasty breakfast

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Omelettes are the easiest and the tastiest ones you can make with eggs. Anytime of the day, just some eggs and a few handy ingredients, Mana food ready!! So, here are a few types of omlettes ou can make very easily. With the below mentioned ingredients, heat a pan and make an omelette!!!!

1. Classic Everyday Omelette
We need: Eggs, onion, chilli, tumeric, salt, pepper, capsicum, mushrooms.

2. Spanish Omelette
We need : eggs, diced onion, chopped capsicum and potatoes, salt, pepper and cheese
? Fry the onions, potatoes and capsicum to they are mid way through cook and add the best egg with the other ingredients. Relish a yummy Spanish Omelette

3. Capsicum Omelette
We need : Eggs, capsicum ( cut in rounds), salt and pepper
§ Add some oil in a pan and place those round shaped capsicum on it.
§ Let them get cooked in a closed lid.
§ Once they are agalf cooked, break one egg in each capsicum, add salt and pepper.
§ Close the lid and let it get cooked before you can hog on.

4. Masala Omelette
We need : Eggs, salt, chilli powder, jeera powder, coriander powder, pav baji masala (optional, for some kick!) And ginger garlic paste tooo
§ Beat the above in a bowl and pour it on a hot pan!!!

5. Tomato omlet
We need : Eggs, tomatoes. tumeric, garlic, salt, pepper
Beat the above ingredients and make a yummy Omelette out of it.

6. Omelette for veggie lovers
We need : Capsicums, onions, broccoli, carrot, potato, mushrooms, coriander, tomato, zucchini and anyother veggies you would like.
Mix the chopped veggies with eggs, salt, pepper. Cook the whole mixture in low heat and a closed lid.

7. Half boiled, for the old times sake !!!!

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