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Seven Reasons why Dulquer Salmaan Emerged as a Youth Icon


Popularly known as Kunjikka by his fans, he is the son of renowned Malayalam superstar, Mammootty. No wonder, there were a lot of expectations riding on him when he entered Mollywood. Whether he would be able to break free from the shadow of his dad and prove a point was a big question mark.

However, contrary to all beliefs, Dulquer Salmaan became extremely popular with his very first film. His charisma, charm and distinct style helped him to make a place in the hearts of the Malayalam audience who are generally bathed in convention.

With a string of great movies and extensive social media presence, Dulquer is adored by both the young and the old. Let us take a look at why and how he managed to emerge as a youth icon.

Good Looks


There is no denying the fact that an actor needs to be good looking. However, Dulquer Salmaan looks quite different from his contemporaries, what with his modern hair and clothing styles. No wonder, the youth of today have taken to him so amazingly. It is believed that he has the largest number of followers on social media.

Modernization Encore

The Malayalam movie scene is fast changing what with new wave cinemas ruling the roost. Thus the modern persona that Dulquer possesses is what has made him a hot favorite among the Malayalis.

Pitch Perfect

An actor’s dialogues are what help him to create the magic amongst the audience. Thus, a good voice is a definite boon. Dulquer Salmaan has been graced with this gift of a powerful and robust voice which he manages to modulate perfectly when delivering his punch dialogues.

Stable Acting Style

Ever since he was first seen of screen, the film makers and audience are going gaga about how he never goes overboard with emotions. This is something which makes an actor a bankable one. Whether he is playing the role of an ambitious cook, rebellious spoiled brat or a angry young man, he portrays all the roles with total composure and adds a personal touch to these.

Universal Appeal

Though the Malayali touch is what makes the audience adore the Malayalam actors, it is often considered a bane when it comes to universal appeal. However, for Dulquer Salmaan this has never been a problem. His modern looks, his westernized style statement, his American accented English and his more than perfect Malayalam have gained him a universal appeal which most Malayalam actors crave for.

Star Prodigy

The movie going crowd love the stars so much, that they automatically love the star children too. Since Dulquer Salmaan is the son of much loved Malayalam actor Mammootty, finding a foothold among the audience was not difficult for him.

Like Father unlike Son

One of the best things that gave Dulquer Salmaan mass recognition and love is the fact that he created a style for himself that is worlds apart from that of his father. Whereas most star sons try to be a copy of their fathers, Dulquer’s distinct persona from his dad is what made

him more popular.

Having a completely different persona from what the Kerala audience are used to has definitely worked in favor of Dulquer and made him a youth icon.


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