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7 Street Foods You Must Try Out When In Chennai


Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is one of the biggest cities in the country; it is also one of best food cities in the world, in fact, it was featured in the second spot in National Geographic’s list of “Top 10 Food Cities” from around the globe. The city has a wide variety of street food, from authentic South Indian dishes to Burmese cuisine, you will find it all here in Chennai, we have made a list of some of the best street foods that you can eat in Chennai, let’s get started

Murukku Sandwich

A very popular street food, which is served all over the city, the dish is made with slices of tomato, cucumber, and onion stacked one above the other between two small murukku pieces, spread with green chutney. Grated cheese is then added on top and sprinkled with sev.  The best place to have this is at Links which is located in Purasawalkkam.


This North Indian street food is extremely famous in Chennai too, if you are looking for places to eat chaat in Chennai, then make sure that you visit Mint Street, Kakada Ramprasad is a popular shop which serves some delicious chaat items. We recommend that you try out their Aloo Tikki chaat.


Atho is a Burmese dish, which is made up of noodles and is served with vegetables, this dish is one of the best street foods that you can have in Chennai. You will find a number of stalls selling this dish in Burma Bazar and beach road, we suggest that you try out Atho Man or Atho Corner if you are looking to taste this delicacy.


Puttu is a popular breakfast dish, it is made with rice and is garnished with coconut and sugar, the best places to eat puttu in Chennai are Maplai, Nair Mess and Ente Keralam, if you like experimenting new things, you should definitely give this a shot.


Sundal is extremely popular in Chennai, this street food is made from boiled chickpeas, which is then mixed with onions and is garnished with shredded coconut. You’ll generally find this street food at any beach, but we recommend that you try it out at Marina Beach.


Idiyappam is like the South Indian version of noodles, it is made with rice flour and is usually served with coconut milk or a curry. It is a very popular dish in the south of India and is mainly a breakfast dish. If you are looking for places to eat this dish in Chennai, then head over to Srinivasan Road in T Nagar, where you’ll find a number of food stalls selling this culinary treat.


As the name suggests, Jigarthanda literally means cool heart, it is a cooling drink originating from Madurai, but you’ll find it almost everywhere in Tamil Nadu, the drink is made with milk, almond gum, root syrup, sugar syrup, and ice-cream. If you are looking for this drink, we recommend that you try out OMR Jigarthanda.


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