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7 Things That You Can Do For the Better of the Society…!!



Society has a million textual ideas and meanings to it, it has been studied experimented upon and worked upon for improvements since age, and it has also been moulded to fill into the shape of the changing times. However, for today’s common, college going and driven youth, what is society?

For them society is nothing but a claustrophobic, adamant  force that limits them from a zillion ways that they would like to live their life’s in. Often we hear parents say “If you do this, what will people think of us?” “How can you wear such clothes, what will people think?” “Why are you being so friendly with the servant, what will people think?” “Why are you always with that boy, what will people think?” “If you don’t get good marks, what will people think?”.Not that I have ever understood who these people are, but what I have understood is that it is these people and their backward mindsets that give birth to this school of thought-society. Be it in relationships, behaviour towards others, standard of living, society has its lines drawn everywhere.

Yes, this society has come a long way since it has been exposed to open mindedness, logical reasoning and modernisation but really, has this society improved? Most of us may agree with the fact that it hasn’t, think about that one thing or those many things that you have been stopped from doing because of society blocking your path. Majority of us will have something to think about, if you don’t then go back to space. Anyway, the point is we can’t keep living in the bubble of restrictions and jurisdictions, we can’t keep living in the fear of people and let us or anyone else suffer at a minor or major level. The next step, what can we do to eradicate this tiff with the society born limits?

  • Stop disparities. Let alone monetary status we as a society even differentiate between our religions, occupations and so on. The more we judge people as not deserving as part of the society the more cowardly we prove ourselves to be.
  • Don’t think about “people”. Do what your heart asks you too, what you agree upon. Yes of course there are limits but nothing should be influenced with this external factor of other people’s opinions. It’s not them but you who lead’s your life.
  • Stop judging/tagging people due to their past actions. Being judgemental is a trait almost 80% of the Indian population posses, “gossip” is the most favourite underline of any conversation and passing judgements is the necessary aftermath. Ask yourself, would you want to be judged?
  • Help those discarded and ill treated by the society. Lower class families, widows, prostitutes are all socially handicap. They struggle for everyday amenities and an equal status. Help them in any way you can.
  • Discourage those who go with the herd mentality. Often people don’t agree with society borne systems but follow it anyway because they are afraid of being singled out. Stop that from happening wherever and whenever you can.
  • Understand that society is a man made phenomena, your values are valid even if they differ. Just because society doesn’t agree with your actions does not make it wrong.
  • Stop complaining and start doing. If everyone simply criticizes and negates the ways of the society, who is going to help change it, making this place better in every way for every member?


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


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