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7 Types of next level Chai that we will definitely love!


Tea is the most common thing for a south Indian. Idi alavaatu ainaka it is extremely difficult for anyone to sustain without it. Every morning or evening we make sure to have a cup of it to free us from stress and keep us calm. Kani tea is not just about milk, water, tea powder and sugar. Daanilo chaala additional flavors vaadochu and they will make the tea even more amazing.

Here are few things we can do to a routine tea and take it to the next level.

1. Cardamom Tea – Normal tea lo add some freshly ground cardamom or elaichi. Make sure to add a little less sugar so that the flavor of cardamom will give you a pleasant palate.
2. Ginger Chai – Tea lo add a little freshly grated ginger. And koncham boil ayyaka, we get a nice gingery flavor that makes your stomach want more of it.
3. Tumeric (Pasupu) Chai – This has now become a trend. When you make tea and add milk, be sure to add some turmeric. It’s anti-inflammatory and overall good for your health.
4. Masala Chai – Add some ginger, black pepper, cloves, elaichi and cinnamon into your tea mixture.
5. Thai Chai – This is something new and interesting. Condensed milk, normal milk, cardamom, cinnamom and a little sugar. You can also add just a little chintapandu for a tangy flavor. You can have this in the form of an iced tea too. idi manaki kottha but try cheyyandi.
6. Tulsi Tea – Add some fresh tulsi leaves to your tea. This is an Indian herb that is known for helping the immune system, and removing stress.
7. Jaggery Tea – For people who suffer from diabetes and for those who do not prefer a lot of sugar in their tea, idi try cheyyandi. Add some bellam and cardamom to your tea and enjoy a delicious healthy tea.

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