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7 Vegetarian foods that are actually non vegetarian


Manam bayata hotel vellalanna shopping cheyyalanna, vegetarian foods ki particular aithe we prefer certain restaurants where vegetarian ane board pettaru. But how much are these vegetarian stuff really so? Let us be careful every other time from now

1. Naan – Konni restaurants lo naans soft undaniki, they use egg while kneading the dough. So next time naan order chesetapudu, make sure to ask the chefs about it.
2. Cheese – Not all, but a few kinds of cheese have pigments taken from the gastrointestinal tracts of animals.
3. Salad dressings – These dressings sometimes contain eggs in them. So make sure to ask before eating it.
4. White Sugar – white sugar is treated with bome char to make it refined.
5. Packed Orange Juice – This juice contains added fatty acids from fish oils
6. Doughnuts – Their dough is treated an enzyme called L. Cysteine made from duck feather. Not every doughnut is so. Make sure to check for it and then enjoy the yummy dessert
7. Chocolates – Not every chocolate is so, but there are a few chocolates that use whey powder which may contain a coagulating enzyme called- Rennet, that is extracted from calf’s stomach after slaughter. Check the ingredients mentioned next time.

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